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Gross Pay vs Net Pay: Understanding the Difference


You can even calculate an employee’s annual gross and net wages. Payroll deductions include federal, state, and local income tax; Social Security tax; and Medicare tax. Non-tax deductions include health insurance premiums, retirement plan contributions, and wage garnishments. If you’re a salaried employee with one income source, your gross pay is your annual salary before taxes. If you’re an hourly employee with one income source, you can multiply the number of hours you work by your hourly rate to find your gross pay. For example, if you work 35 hours a week and have a $25 hourly rate, your gross weekly pay would be $875.

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This is the Gross Pay Versus Net Pay that the employer indicates on the employment contract. For instance, if the employer has offered to pay you an annual salary of $60,000, you will earn $60,000 in gross pay. Net pay is the amount you receive via check, direct deposit, or another payment method.

Gross pay vs. net pay — Definition, calculation, key differences

Once you have an employee’s tax status, you can determine the mandatory taxable amount to take from their paycheck. She is paid bi-weekly and worked 40 hours a week for the past two weeks. All you need is a mixed colored bag of candy (like M&M’s or skittles). Pour the candy into a bowl and tell your child to pretend this is a gross paycheck. Then tell the child they must take out all the yellow candies for taxes and Social Security, and the green candies for healthcare coverage. Payroll is the compensation a business must pay to its employees for a set period or on a given date.

How do I calculate net to gross?

  1. Convert the tax from net rate from a percentage to a decimal number, e.g., 12% = 0.12 .
  2. Multiply the tax rate by the net price.
  3. Add the result to the net price.
  4. You've obtained the gross value by applying the tax to the net value.

The current tax rate is 6.2% for employees and employers, with a wage base limit of $142,800 . To obtain net pay, add together all mandatory and voluntary deductions and subtract this from gross pay. No, nothing is deducted from the gross pay amount before calculating net pay. If employers have a contract with an employee to earn $170,000 per year and they get paid bi-weekly, the gross amount per paystub will always be $6,538. Any payroll manager anywhere will always see gross and net pay on their payslip and their employees’ payslips. That’s why not only understanding the difference between the two, but how to calculate each is non-negotiable for businesses to avoid liabilities and remain compliant.

What is “gross salary”?

Common voluntary deductions include retirement contributions, health and dental insurance premiums, and union dues. For employees, these deductions help to reduce their taxable income and overall tax burden while allowing them to enjoy certain long-term benefits. You need to know an employee’s gross pay to calculate net pay. And, you must know the employee’s gross wages to determine their tax liability. To find net pay, subtract deductions from the employee’s gross wages. Your gross income includes more than just your wages or salary.

pay to calculate

Gross pay and net pay sound interchangeable, but as you can see from these examples, they’re anything but. The difference between a person’s initial gross pay and their take-home pay could be vast, depending on their deductions and withholdings. Erin Ellison is the former Content Marketing Manager for OnPay.

How to calculate gross pay for salaried employees

In film production, that contract is usually activated as a crew deal memo, but it’s form and language will change from situation to situation or industry to industry. This post will discuss gross and net pay differences and how they affect your payslip. We’ll contact you to schedule a call, answer any questions you may have, and start onboarding your employees. Time & Attendance Automate the process of tracking work hours accurately.

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