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Steve Harvey Gives Relationship Advice After He Built Strong Family With New Wife & 7 Kids Following Divorce

Marjorie Elaine Harvey & Steve Harvey reunited in 2005 and got married on 25th June 2007, destiny had it in such a way that they got married after 17 years of their first date. It was 3rd marriage to Steve Harvey (after Marcia Whitman, Mary Lee Shackelford) and Marjorie. Marjorie Harvey wiki, age (Steve Harvey’s wife) bio, family, net worth. Brandi is the author of Breakthrough Sold Separately and the host of the Beyond Her podcast. Meanwhile, her twin sister Karli is a successful public speaker, best known for mentoring through the Steve and Majorie Harvey Foundation. Less than five years into Townsend’s life sentence, Marjorie divorced him.

Steve Harvey Weighs In on Daughter Lori and Michael B. Jordan’s Split: ‘I’m Team Lori’

Harvey was asked about the controversial lyrics by Bustle after staying silent about them on social media. “I just try to stay up here and take the high road in every situation.” Everyone has a past, but unfortunately, Lori Harvey’s involves a run-in with the law.

“I just want somebody to treat my princess the way I treat her.” When SKN by LH dropped in October of 2021, the line sold out in just days. Lori shared with PEOPLE that the brand’s successful debut was “surreal,” adding that she’s “extremely grateful for all the love and support.” Behind every successful man is his lady and Steve Harvey is seemingly no exception.


Along with their seven kids (from previous relationships), the couple is a perfect picture of what a harmonious family looks like. When Steve and Marjorie Harvey married in 2007 they became a family of nine. The couple, who met in Marjorie’s hometown of Memphis, were in love for years before taking the leap that combined their lives. Townsend, a convicted drug lord, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1992 for “conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute” cocaine, Good Housekeeping reported. By the time things began to look up for Steve and he decided to reconnect with Marjorie, it was too late. The fashion entrepreneur had moved on with her first husband, Jim Townsend.

Black Love in the 21st Century

In 2014, the American actor and actress co-starred in the American drama film Black or White, with Costner playing the role of Elliot Anderson and Spencer portraying the role of Rowena Jeffers. In the same year, Shackelford again accused him of cheating on his current wife, Marjorie Harvey, with her while they were still married. However, the comedian denied the accusations and threatened his second ex wife with legal action.

She accused him of torturing her for a long time and inflicting severe mental pain during and after their marriage. She also claimed that Harvey hurt her soul and made her contemplate suicide. She claimed that Harvey was interfering with their relationship by not allowing her to spend enough time with their son. However, Shackelford’s request was ultimately denied by the court. While it is unclear if the video message was directed toward Michael B Jordan, fans seemed to believe that Marjorie was throwing subtle shade to the Creed actor. Despite the lack of information about their marriage, Darnell Woods has remained largely silent about his relationship with her.

“She said, ‘Steve, look, you’ve been on TV, you’ve got a brand, you protected it for so long,'” he recalled. “She said, ‘So, this is what I want you to think. I want you to start dressing like you dress offstage, but I’m gonna get you some help because you don’t have time to go shopping.” In the letter, Steve recalled his earliest days with Marjorie, how they lost touch at some point and how they eventually reconnected.

Harvey originally saw equestrian riding in her future and was so good she started competing when she was just 14 years old. Marjorie Harvey is a well-known figure in the world of fashion and philanthropy and is widely recognized as the wife of comedian and television host Steve Harvey. Over the years, she has gained a significant following on social media, where she often shares her fashion tips and insights, as well as her experiences as a mother and philanthropist. The model is Steve’s youngest daughter, whom he adopted when he married her mother and his now-wife, Marjorie Harvey. The Family Feud host also adopted her two older siblings, Morgan and Jason, and has four children from previous marriages.

The model has been linked to a handful of notable figures in the entertainment industry, as well as international soccer star Memphis Depay, whom she was once engaged to. However, it is Lori’s movie star ex Michael B. Jordan who has made her personal life one of the most talked-about topics. The comedian and former talk show host has been really quiet regarding his daughter’s dating life and the pregnancy rumors, and some fans are finding this bothersome. However, it seems like Steve has chosen to keep his focus on his wife, Marjorie Harvey, as the two have been busy enjoying their anniversary trip around Europe. It looks like he’ll also be keeping busy with his third annual Sand & Soul Festival, which will soon take place in Cancun, Mexico. While we know her best from social media, her business ventures or her modeling career, it turns out Lori Harvey originally had a different career path in mind.

Thankfully for Harvey though, her sentencing didn’t come with such harsh consequences. Harvey also grew up with sensitive skin and rosacea, which is why she brought her expertise to the market — but don’t think she’s been relying on other people’s work to get her through. In the photos on their respective Instagram pages, Marjorie stands proudly with all smiles next to her husband in one and gets her own solo shot in another. It’s not clear where the two were going, but it was more than likely an upscale place considering how dressed up they both were. BDO is the world’s largest and most comprehensive online health resource specifically targeted to African Americans.

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