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Using Technology to Enhance Math and Sciences Lessons

The use of technology in classrooms has become a vital tool for understanding and learning. According to Pierce & Ball (2009) they found that the attitudes of students towards math improves when they utilize technology in their classes. Additionally, they tend to develop a deeper level of understanding of the subject. This is because they can explore math concepts in a variety of ways, including using a calculator to solve problems or online manipulative tools. Incorporating the right technology in math classes requires careful consideration and a thorough knowledge of how it functions.

One of the main benefits of using technology in maths classes is that teachers can come up with more innovative ways to teach the subject. This is because many of the newer digital tools are designed to harness students’ visual and modeling power. For instance, software applications allow students to construct 3D geometric models of figures such as cones and cubes in a way that aids students understand the shape and properties of these objects.

In addition the most efficient technological tools help students free up their working memory so that they can concentrate on problem formulation and modeling. They also assist students in creating public records of their thoughts that are transportable, modifiable and easily shared with their peers and teachers. This approach is aimed at bridging the gap between the informal knowledge of students and formal structures of mathematics and science phenomena.

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